Wholesome Recreation

Have you found it difficult for your children to find friends who are Christians?  Have you longed for an opportunity to provide your children good, clean, wholesome fun? Would you like to see your children have a chance to be a part of activities/games in an environment where sportsmanship and fair-play prevail regardless of their experience level?  Are daily Bible study, prayer, and spiritual encouragement on a daily basis important in your family? If you answered “yes” to any of these, the board of directors of Friends of Indiana Youth are pleased to make you aware of two camps that do the above — and more.

What Sets Us Apart

Since 1981, the directors and counselors of the Midwest Summer Camp (MSC) have provided fun-filled weeks guided by Christ-like values and morals for children aged 8-18. We offer two separate weeks of camp, Junior (ages 8-11) and Senior (ages 12-18), both at Shakamak State Park in Jasonville, Indiana.  What makes these camps unique is that all the camp counselors, directors, cooks and other staff members are devoted members of the Lord’s church.  They care about their soul, the souls of others, and the future of the children who come to be a part of their camp.  They happily volunteer personal time (and for some, a week of income) to be with a camp of young people every summer.

Making a Difference

As a camper, your child will be part of a legacy that has continued since 1981.  Your camper will participate as part of a team, captained by two Christians, typically a husband and wife.  They will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as: kickball, soccer, basketball, lip synching, volleyball, canoeing, obstacle course, crafts, and many others.  They will be enriched by daily Bible classes, prayers, nightly devotions in their cabins, and songs and hymns sung at mealtime and evening times around the flagpole or a bonfire.  Your child will enjoy three square meals a day, home cooked by, hands down, the best cooks a camp has ever known.  Yes, we even get comments like: “I wish my mom could cook like this!”.

MSC has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children, most of whom look upon their camp memories and friendships as some of the most precious in life.  Friendships developed at MSC’s camps are often life-long.  As a testimony to the camp’s impact on lives, many former campers have gone on to become camp directors, counselors, and board members, hoping to contribute back to what they received as campers.

  1. Tanya Duniphan says:

    My son just completed his first year of MSC camp. He had a wonderful time and has been talking all about it except for when he was napping, a long nap! He made some new friends which I hope will turn into lasting friendships but there is one friend that he forgot to get a number from. Is there any way that we could get a number for one of the campers so that my son can contact him? Thank you!

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