History of MSC

Midwest Summer Camp: Through the Years

 July 11-17, 1982 – MSC is established for youth ages 10-18 in Brown County, Indiana under the direction of Bob & Charlotte Dickey ● Marilyn & Linton Ward begin 3-year reign as kitchen directors ● Eddie Curtis was named MSC’s first-ever “Camper of the Year” ● The “Shirley Stauffer Memorial Scholarship” is established
1984 – MSC moves to Shakamak State Park in Jasonville, Indiana under the direction of Steve & Connie Niemeier ● Ron Walker begins 4-year reign as sports director ● The first “Jr. Olympics” are held, introducing the infamous Obstacle Course ● MSC begins its annual trip to Holiday World

1985 – Marsha & Lanny Hosfield become kitchen directors

1986 – MSC holds its one and only “Little 5­00” tricycle race ● Becky & Clay Curtis begin 12-year run as kitchen directors ● Lydia Owens begins her near 25-year reign as “craft lady” ● Theme: “Overcoming the Goliaths in Life”

1987 – Annual team “Lip Sync Competition” begins ● Julian Owens begins 24-year run on the sports staff

1988 – The first running of the “Blind Man Relay” ● Jerry & Vinny Price begin their tenure as permanent camp staff

1989 – Cabin 2 Pillow Fight Championship begins

1992 – MSC begins its annual trip to Six Flags ● MSC rents paddle boats because the camp’s canoes had been stolen ● Teams are first identified as animal names ● The “Mike Hall Memorial Scholarship” is established

1993 – Theme: “Who I Am Makes a Difference”

1994 – Theme: “Let Me Be a Good Follower”

1995 – The “Sam Pock Memorial Award” (Rookie of the Year) is established and Amanda Carpenter is the first recipient

1997 – Mark & Rita Newton become MSC directors ● Don Dew begins 6-year run as sports director ● Myra Dew begins 6-year reign as “craft lady” ● Belinda & Mike Loughmiller assume kitchen director duties ● Teams are once again identified as colors instead of animal names ● Theme: “Happiness Is the Lord”

1998 – John & Ellen Wright retire from longtime sports staff, concessions, campfires & cabin maintenance ● Theme: “WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)”

1999 – The “Rick Hubartt Memorial Award” (Reaching Higher Award) is established and Chad Troxell is first recipient ● Theme: “The Power of 1”

2000 – MSC splits into MSC Sr. Week (ages 12-18) and MSC Jr. Week (ages 8-11) ● Scott & Lisa Bryan are first directors of MSC Jr. Week ● Mitzi Parsons becomes first Jr. Week kitchen director ● Cabin 2 Pillow Fight Championship begins at MSC Jr. Week ● Sr. Week Theme – “Live It 24/7” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do, Do It With All Your Might”

2001 – Sr. Week Theme – “Rock Solid”

2002 – Courtney Dickey begins 6-year reign as Jr. Week kitchen director ● Sr. Week Theme – “Light the Fire” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Trust in the Lord with All of Your Heart”

2003 – Bill Craddock begins 5-year run as Sr. Week sports director ● Sr. Week Theme – “In, Not Of” ● Jr. Week Theme – “A Good Name is to Be Chosen Rather Than Great Riches”

2004 – Jason & Melodie Dorn become MSC Jr. Week directors ● Sr. Week Theme – “Get a Life!” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Run the Race”

2005 – Vernon & Susan White retire after more than a decade as canoe directors ● Sr. Week Theme – “Better You Than Me” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Different Is Good”

2006 – Sharron Dorn retires after 25 years as camp nurse ● Andy Dickey begins 4-year run as Jr. Week sports director ● Compadres are introduced at MSC ● Theme: “What Goes Around, Comes Around”

2007 – Shakamak upgrades group campground to include air conditioning and in-cabin showers ● Theme: “Hit the Mark”

2008 – Todd & Susan Hall become MSC Sr. Week directors ● Simon & Teresa Harris become Sr. Week sports directors ● Ellen Hunter becomes Jr. Week nurse ● Theme: “In God We Trust”

2009 – MSC Sr. Week introduces “Ten Flags Day” ● Julie Essary becomes Sr. Week “craft lady” ● Carla Cook retires from Jr. Week “craft lady” ● Kelsey Wynne Harris “On Eagles’ Wings Award” is established and first recipient is Emily Shaffer ● “Ron Walker Memorial Campership Award” is established and first recipient is Jacob Dispennett ● Theme: “F.R.O.G. (Fully Relying On God)”

2010 – Tyson & Ryan Bacon become MSC Jr. Week directors ● Scott & Tina Mitchell become Jr. Week sports directors ● Kristie Maudlin becomes Jr. Week kitchen director ● Laura Tackett becomes Jr. Week “craft lady” ● Theme: “Rising Above”

2011 – Bonnie Wildman retires after five years as Sr. Week camp nurse ● Theme: “Making a Difference”

2012 – At 112 degrees, Sr. Week endures the hottest camp on record ● Judy Marchbanks becomes Sr. Week nurse ● Jr. Week expands to 10 teams with a record-breaking 133 campers ● Theme: “Life Under the Sun”

  1. Diane McGaughey says:

    We are so thankful for the many people over the years that have volunteered their time and effort to make camp a success and make a difference in the lives of so many young people. It’s also great to see the “kids” that enjoyed being campers now grown up and being part of the staff. It just shows what an impact camp can have.

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