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MSC Lip Sync Battle of the Decades

Posted: July 6, 2017 by John McCauley in Lip Sync, Sr. Week

Tonight, MSC took it all the way back through the last five decades for the highly anticipated Lip Sync competition.  All ten teams did a fantastic job lip syncing, as well as dressing in appropriate outfits, including hair, for their particular decade.

And the participants for the 2017 MSC Lip Sync Battle of the Decades were:


Hunter Team — “Happy Together”

Blue Team — “Build Me Up Buttercup”


Lime Team — “Old Time Rock & Roll”

Gold Team — “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)”


Green Team — “Uptown Girl”

Silver Team — “9 to 5”


Red Team — “Tearin’ Up My Heart”

Pink Team — “Allstar”


Orange Team — “Year 3000”

Purple Team — “Apologize”


The Top 5 performances were announced at the conclusion of the show:

  1. Red
  2. Purple
  3. Orange
  4. Gold
  5. Silver

A huge thanks to Lip Sync Coordinators Nick & Katie Paden for a great job! Also, a big thanks to our judges: Jerry & Vinny Price, Eric & Sarah Mizell, and Christine & Courtney Knight.

Lip Syncing Through the Decades

Posted: July 3, 2017 by John McCauley in Lip Sync, Sr. Week

Another afternoon activity began the selection of songs and beginning of rehearsals for the highly-anticipated lip sync competition to be held Thursday evening.  Lip sync coordinators Nick & Katie Paden chose potential lip sync songs from each decade from 1960 t0 2000. Each team’s last year campers were quizzed on MSC trivia, and the teams got to participate in a lip sync draft to choose their song in the order from highest-scoring trivia team to the lowest. Each team will practice their routine and create props each day through Thursday.

Let the rehearsals begin…

Lip Sync 2016

Posted: July 7, 2016 by John McCauley in Lip Sync, Sr. Week

The theme for this year’s Lip Sync competition, coordinated by Rita Newton & Allison Hein, was parodies by the Polka King himself, Weird Al Yankovic. Each team had a couple specific rules for the performance, such as: one team member must wear a Weird Al wig and play an accordion at some point during the performance (these items must be homemade, not purchased), and teams could not ask the kitchen staff for prop materials.

It was another highly entertaining and light-hearted evening of entertainment. And the rankings are:

1. Hunter Team -- "The Saga Begins"

1. Hunter — “The Saga Begins”


2. Navy Team -- "Hardware Store"

2. Navy — “Hardware Store”


3. Gold - "Eat It"

3. Gold – “Eat It”


4. Red - "Girls Just Wanna Eat Lunch"

4. Red – “Girls Just Wanna Eat Lunch”



5. Orange – “Addicted to Spuds”


6. Purple - "First World Problems"

6. Purple – “First World Problems”



7. Blue – “Cable TV”



8. Silver – “Spam”


9. Lime - "Foil"

9. Lime – “Foil”


10. Green - "eBay"

10. Green – “eBay”

Purple & Red Teams Love Lip Sync

Posted: July 6, 2016 by John McCauley in Lip Sync, Sr. Week

A Villainous Lip Sync Competition

Posted: July 3, 2015 by John McCauley in Lip Sync, Sr. Week

The 2015 Lip Sync competition took on a villainous theme with songs from Disney villains, the Muppets, the Lorax, and even the Grinch.  Each team put in LOTS of hard work and it really paid off as it was a great evening of performances. Extra kudos to the Red Team for patiently enduring technical difficulties of broken speakers as the audio equipment died on the first two takes, but their endurance paid off as they took the #2 spot once the results were announced.  Brand new Green Team captains Ethan & Jessica Wildman led their hard-working team to victory with a “rowing” rendition of “Shiver My Timbers.”

And the results are:

1.  Green — “Shiver My Timbers” from “Muppet Treasure Island”

2.  Red — “How Bad Can I Be” from “The Lorax”

3.  Navy — “Mother Knows Best” from “Tangled”

4.  Purple — “Mine, Mine, Mine” from “Pocahontas”

5.  Hunter — “Gaston” from “Beauty and the Beast”

6.  Blue — “The Headless Horseman” from “Ichabod and Mr. Toad”

7.  Orange — “I’ve Got a Dream” from “Tangled”

8.  Gold — “The Remains of the Day” from “Corpse Bride”

9.  Silver — “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

10.  Lime — “The Mob Song” from “Beauty and the Beast”