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Last Year Camper Dinner

Posted: July 6, 2016 by John McCauley in Food, Sr. Week

As tradition goes, the Last Year Campers get a special recognition dinner, which had been offsite for many years, but recent Last Year Campers have preferred to celebrate their graduation from MSC with a special dinner among their fellow campers. A huge thank you to Lip Sync coordinators Rita Newton and Allison Hein for organizing this special dinner tonight with a menu of:  brisket, fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, baked beans, baked potatoes, cornbread, IBC root beer and cream soda, and a smorgasbord of pies. Campers also received a special gift of an MSC crewneck sweatshirt.

All the campers and staff alike honored the Last Year Campers with a roaring round of applause as their MSC tenure draws to a close in the next few days and they each prepare to begin the next chapter of their life.

And the 2016 MSC Last Year Campers are:

  • Aaron Baker
  • Olivia Baker
  • Devon Boone
  • Aurora Boring
  • Alec Brumfield
  • Amanda Butler
  • Luke Capps
  • Gwyn Carey
  • Katie Colvin
  • Audrey Fennell
  • Aly Gamble
  • Gabe Goen
  • Zach Groce
  • J.T. Hall
  • Levi Hawk
  • Paige Hawk
  • Kyle Hunter
  • Kailey McDonald
  • Abby Scholl
  • Jimmy Smith
  • Kollin Sokeland
  • McKenna Turner
  • Kelsey Walton
  • Thomas Wilson

Congratulations to all of our Last Year Campers, and best wishes in the future. May God continue to bless you and may you always put Him first in your life!


As we mentioned yesterday, all campers must pitch in and help keep their cabins clean, but this duty extends beyond the four walls of their little brown cabins around the upper and lower sports fields. Prior to and following each meal, one of the ten teams is assigned “mess hall duty” to help set the tables and set the food on the tables prior to the meal, then they remain to clean up the mess hall once the other nine teams are dismissed from the mess hall. If you’ve ever been around MSC Sr. Week, then you know that Ms. Belinda and her kitchen staff love to hear the campers singing hymns as they enter the mess hall for each meal, and continue to sing a few additional hymns prior to the prayer and eating the meal.

This morning’s mess hall duty team, the Navy team led by Craig & Ronna Howell, went above and beyond the call of duty once they had returned the mess hall to a spic-and-span condition. As tradition goes, with their sacrificial attitude of servitude, the kitchen staff waits until each meal is complete and the campers have vacated the mess hall before they sit down to eat. While they were eating, the Navy team surrounded the kitchen staff table as they ate and sang “Light the Fire” as an appreciation for all their hard work.

Huge kudos go out to Katie Colvin, Kollin Sokeland, Olivia Stout, Aaron Ottersbach, Jason Jarrels, ALana Dickey, Shelby King, Dillon Boling, Isaac Hathaway, Parker Niemeier, Amari Howard, Sarah Smith, Jacob Lanius, Tori Baber, Tiara Collier, Avery Hosfield, Mitchell King, Jacob Seidel, Briley Farkas, Maddy Provines, James Evans, and Craig & Ronna for being such encouragers and shining examples. Please continue to display your admirable attitude of gratitude.

What’s for Supper, Belinda?

Posted: July 4, 2016 by John McCauley in Food, Sr. Week

All campers and MSC alumni from the last 20+ years know that Sr. Week Kitchen Director Belinda Loughmiller is a culinary rock star!!!!  She puts her heart and soul into feeding all 205 campers and 60+ staff members throughout Sr. Week, and this is not your ordinary food — she prepares five-star feasts!

MSC Sr. Week Kitchen Director Belinda Loughmiller

MSC Sr. Week Kitchen Director Belinda Loughmiller


Belinda could not do it without the hard work of her dedicated kitchen staff:

Belinda with Julie Gregory, Beth Hall, Jennifer Goen, Shelley Smith, Shawna Evans, Ryan Provines, Jeremy Goen, Phil Martin, and Tres Barker (l to r)

Belinda with kitchen staffers Julie Gregory, Beth Hall, Jennifer Goen, Shelley Smith, Shawna Evans, Ryan Provines, Jeremy Goen, Phil Martin, and Tres Barker (l to r)

And what’s for dinner, you might ask?  Tonight is one of the most highly-anticipated meals of Sr. Week: LASAGNA, breadsticks, salad, and chocolate cake!!!!!

Guess What’s for Supper…

Posted: June 29, 2015 by John McCauley in Food, Sr. Week



Jennifer Goen, Beth Hall, Julie Gregory, Kitchen Director Belinda Loughmiller, Susan Sokeland, and Teresa Butler prepare one of MSC Sr. Week’s favorite dishes…LASAGNA!!!!!

Dear Kitchen Staff…

Posted: July 4, 2014 by John McCauley in Food, Sr. Week

Letter to Kitchen Staff