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Values, Attitude & Spirit of MSC

Posted: July 3, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

This year we have added some special awards that any staff member can give any camper at any time when they see the following quality displayed by a camper:

Courageous Leader: Joshua (Joshua 24:15) — spiritual leader amongst peers or to younger campers. Team leader who leads by example; cooperative not overbearing; a shepherd, not a commander.

J.O.Y. (Jesus Others You) (Matthew 22:36) — puts God first and others second. Brings joy to the team with their positive attitude.

Charitable Heart: Dorcas (Acts 9:36) — works for others; unselfish and giving; humble.  Works for others.

Encourager: Barnabas (Acts 11:23) — encourages others in spiritual matters.  Encourages team, focusing on encouraging those who are insecure in participation.

Congeniality: Paul (I Corinthians 9:19-23) — becomes all things to all people for the furtherance of the gospel. Gets along with and socializes with all types of camper, different personalities; not cliquish.


Wednesday Supper Awards

Posted: July 1, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week, Uncategorized

At the conclusion of supper tonight, the highly-anticipated “Golden Dust Pan” Awards were handed out.  Today’s winners with the cleanest cabins were girls Cabin 5 and boys Cabin 0, who also won yesterday. For the second consecutive day, boys Cabin 10 was the dirtiest cabin, and girls Cabin 9 (which was yesterday’s “Golden Dust Pan” winner).  Cabins 9 & 10 will be cleaning the mess hall restrooms following the talent show this evening.

The compadres awarded the following paper plate awards:

Tuesday’s Sportsmanship Award — Hunter Team

Wednesday’s Sportsmanship Award — Green Team

“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” Award — Kaitlyn Paden

“Biggest Crush” (on compadre Ali Hall) Award — Jonah Bronger & Adam Hawk

“Biggest Sewage Blockage” Award — Compadre Katie Hall


And at the end of supper, compadre Nick Paden had lost his name button all day and was forced to perform a rousing rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot” to regain his button

Tuesday “Golden Dust Pan” Winners (and Losers)

Posted: June 30, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

To help encourage cleanliness within the cabins, each morning after breakfast, the campers return to their cabins for nearly 30 minutes of cabin cleanup time. Each cabin is inspected for its cleanliness and the cleanest girls cabin and the cleanest boys cabin is awarded the ceremonial “Golden Dust Pan” award allowing the cabin-mates to hang the trophy in their cabin until the next day’s competition.

Today’s winners are:  Cabin 9 girls and Cabin 0 boys

Today’s losers (dirtiest cabins) are:  Cabin 5 girls and Cabin 10 boys

The losers were forced to clean the restrooms in the mess hall following Bible study this evening.  We’ll see if Cabins 5 & 10 clean up their cabins tomorrow!  😉


Great Afternoon of Activities

Posted: June 29, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Singing, Sr. Week

After lunch this afternoon, the clouds parted and we had a BEAUTIFUL day here at MSC at Camp Shakamak.  The entire campground was buzzing with activity as Derek Gould led the campers in practicing songs of praise to the Lord in the amphitheater, the lower sports field hosted softball (first inning was traditional softball, while the second inning involved using a tennis racket and tennis ball in place of a bat and softball), the upper sports field  afforded campers the opportunity to play mud volleyball thanks to this morning’s rain showers, the craft hall was busy as teams began their team craft decorating a tote bag for their team captains, and lip synch practice was blaring throughout the rec hall and the mess hall.  A great time was had by ALL!

At supper this evening, the compadres awarded a couple of Paper Plate Awards as they witnessed exemplary behavior throughout the afternoon:

Best Team Leader — Lydia Wilson (Lime Team)

Most Team Spirited — Lime Team, led by Shannon & Dana Shaffer

And the Winners Are…

Posted: July 5, 2014 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

MSC Sr. Week has drawn to a close, but incredible memories have been made. It has been a phenomenal week that we’ll never forget. Many new friendships have been made, we’ve all been greatly encouraged, and we’ve learned so much about how “God Fits” into every aspect of our lives.

The awards have been handed out and the winners are (drum roll please):

1.  Lime, led by David & Jessica McGaughey

2. Navy, led by Todd & Tammy Walker

3. Silver, led by Corey & Meagan Willis

4. Blue, led by Craig & Ronna Howell

5. Green, led by Lee & Leslie McGaughey

6. TIE Orange, led by Brad & Rhonda Hawk

6. TIE Purple, led by Rick & Christine Knight

8. Gold, led by Eric & Sarah Mizell

9. Hunter, led by David & Katie Mathis

10. Red, led by Cindy Cleary & Katie Hall


Female Camper of the Year:  Abbey Mizell

Male Camper of the Year:  Nick Hall

Rookie of the Year:  Kelsey Walton

Kelsey Harris “On Eagle’s Wings”:  Olivia Stout


Congratulations to all the winners!!!  We wish you all safe travels home and hope to see you at the Post-Camp Skating Party at Hot Skates in Avon at 6:30 PM on Saturday, July 12 and at the Post-Camp Kings Island Trip on Friday, July 25.

As we leave our camp “bubble,” always remember that “God Fits” into every aspect of our lives and He commands our “whole pie.”