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And the Winners Are…

Posted: July 8, 2017 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

After a great week together making new friends, Bible studies, singing, and competing in various sports and activities, the final team standings are in.  And the MSC 2017 Sr. Week winners are:

  1. Blue — 1st Place in Softball, Soccer & Tug-of-War
  2. Green — 1st Place in Ultimate Frisbee & 2nd Place in Obstacle Course
  3. Gold — 1st Place in Obstacle Course & Air Raid and 2nd Place in Canoeing
  4. Silver — 1st Place in Team Craft & 3rd Place in Obstacle Course
  5. Orange — 2nd Place in Tug-of-War & Ultimate Frisbee
  6. Purple — 1st Place in Wiffle Hockey & 2nd Place in Volleyball
  7. Red — 1st Place in Lip Sync & Giant Jenga
  8. Lime — 1st Place in Volleyball & Projectile Avoidance
  9. Pink — 1st Place in Canoeing & 3rd Place in Kickball
  10. Hunter — 1st Place in Kickball & 2nd Place in Soccer


Rookie of the Year:  Jamie Lautenschlager

Female Camper of the Year:  Olivia Stout

Male Camper of the Year: Logan Grim


Congratulations to all the campers.  We look forward to seeing you all at MSC 2018!

And the Winners Are…

Posted: July 9, 2016 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

Well, MSC Sr. Week 2016 has officially come to an end! The last sport has been played, the scores have been tallied, the awards have been handed out, and the last hymn has been sung. It’s been another fantastic week and, as the theme states, we truly have been (and continue to be) “Blessed.”

And the winners are…

  1. Blue (winner of obstacle course)
  2. Red  (winner of Tug-of-War and team craft)
  3. Lime
  4. Gold (winner of Ultimate Frisbee)
  5. Silver (winner of canoeing)
  6. Green
  7. Orange (winner of softball and Air Raid)
  8. Navy (winner of volleyball)
  9. Hunter (winner of Lip Sync)
  10. Purple

Female Camper of the Year:  TIE — Amanda Butler & Katie Colvin

Male Camper of the Year:  Justin (J.T.) Hall

Rookie of the Year:  Amelia Kelley

“Pay It Forward”

Posted: July 4, 2016 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

During today’s lunch, Compadre Mucho Importante Nick Paden introduced a brand new recognition program at MSC Sr. Week.  The compadres are keeping their eyes open for campers who are going above and beyond, helping out without being asked. When they spot a deserving camper, they will present him or her with a “Pay It Forward” wristband. Upon receiving one of these wristbands (which there are only 20 in rotation), the recipient is then challenged to keep his or her eyes open for fellow campers who are going above and beyond, and then present that camper with their “Pay It Forward” bracelet, and so on.

We’re really excited about this new program and can’t wait to see everyone pitching in throughout the week and helping out whenever they can!

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”I John 4:11

And the Winners Are…

Posted: July 4, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

Well, MSC 2015 Sr. Week has drawn to a close!  😦  With 204 campers, this is the largest Sr. Week MSC has had since prior to the creation of Jr. Week (which is for campers aged 8-11). The awards have been handed out and the goodbyes have been said.  Everyone is leaving Shakamak with tons of wonderful memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We are already planning for next year’s Sr. Week, which will take place July 4-9, 2016, so mark your calendars.

And now, we’ve all been waiting for the team rankings.  And the winners are:

1.  Purple — 19,850 pts

2.  Red — 19,400 pts

3.  Orange — 19,000 (winner of canoeing)

4.  Gold — 18,646 (winner of volleyball & softball/kickball)

5.  Navy — 18,551 (winner of ultimate Frisbee)

6.  Green — 18,550 (winner of lip sync & tug-of-war)

7.  Blue — 17,176

8.  Silver — 16,598

9.  Lime — 15,967 (winner of team craft)

10.  Hunter — 15,743


Male Camper of the Year:  Kasha Wilder

Female Camper of the Year:  Savannah Harris

Rookie Camper of the Year:  Cassity King

Director’s Award: Vincent Landfair

Good Friday Night from MSC

Posted: July 3, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Sr. Week

Well, we’ve come to the close of the last full day of MSC 2015 Sr. Week.  It was a great team day full of activities and it ended on a high note as Last Year Campers reminisced around the campfire following the lip sync competition and a presentation from Chase Cleary about his recent preaching trip to Nicaragua this evening. It has truly been an uplifting week for all the campers and staff. We’ve had some great Bible lessons on our theme of “Be Strong,” we’ve learned some new songs and sang many of our old favorites, we’ve engaged in friendly competitions, we’ve been filled to the gills with Ms. Belinda’s incredible food, and we’ve further developed many lasting friendships and made some new friends as well. We’ve had a few showers late at night or early in the morning, and we had a big storm late Wednesday night, but during the daytime, we’ve had mostly sunny days with temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s — PERFECT camp weather!

We had a few more awards presented today:

  • Thursday Sportsmanship Award:  Silver Team
  • “Tadpole Champion” Paper Plate Award — Katie Colvin (for catching 20+ tadpoles during the obstacle course)
  • “Unofficial Official” Whistle Award — Meghan Dickey (for helping another team during Projectile Avoidance)
  • “Most Enthusiastic” Paper Plate Award — Aaron Alvey
  • Compadre Award: Female — Mikayla Cleary
  • Compadre Award: Male — Kaleb Hopper

Well, it’s bedtime here at MSC.  We look forward to seeing you all at the Awards/Closing Ceremony at 11:30 tomorrow morning.