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MSC Junior Week 2017 Final Team Standings

Posted: July 13, 2017 by John McCauley in Awards, Jr. Week, News

Drew Maudlin provided the team standings:

10th place – Purple led by John and Sonya McCauley

9th place – Lime led by Jason and Amy Dukes

8th place – Yellow led by Mark and Sarah Bemis

7th place – Royal Blue led by Jay and Julie Buck

6th place – Navy led by Richard and Brooke Thomas

5th place – Red led by Phil and Jill Martin

4th place – Orange led by Fried and Jennifer Radamacher

3rd place – Hunter led by Calvin and Carissa Young

2nd place – Hot Pink led by Danny and Carrie Elkins

1st place………..drum roll please……..GREEN TEAM!!!!!  Congrats to Team Captains Brian and Carrie Ayres and the Green Team!

Special thank you to Phil and Jill Martin for stepping up and filling the role of Red Team Captains at the last minute.  We greatly appreciate your hard work and sacrifice.

More photos and video will follow from Junior Week.  Stay tuned to the blog and the MSC YouTube channel for more great coverage.

Although early morning rain threatened the thought of our usual outdoor closing ceremonies, the clouds parted right after breakfast and it was all sun the rest of the camp.

Here are some of the final awards and standings to close out camp.

Pillow Fight Championship

The girls championship match turned out to be an exciting rematch from last year’s finals between Erin Mitchell and Baylee McPherson.  This year, after an extra round (because it was too close to call after regulation) Baylee was able to pull out the victory by an ever so slight margin.

For the boys, the road for the two finalists was very tough.  Both Evan Kriech and Paxton Bacon had to beat serious competitors to get to the finals.  But in the end, Paxton was able to land more direct hits than Evan, and Paxton pulled out the victory.

Thanks to all the commissioner, Jason Dorn and all the camp counselors that make this happen.

Campers of the Year

One of the biggest awards that are given out each year is “Camper of the Year.” One boy and one girl are selected by the counselors for their leadership and example.  This year’s winners were Ava Davis for the girls and Ty Owens for the boys.  Congratulations to both of them!

Final Team Standings

orangeIt’s hard to believe, but with a possible 13,000 points for the week, these final four teams were only separated by 400 points!  Here were the top four teams

  1. Orange
  2. Hot Pink
  3. Lime
  4. Royal Blue

Thank You, Scott and Tina Mitchell

tina-scottOur sports directors, Scott and Tina Mitchell were honored at the closing ceremonies for their years of service as sports directors, which ended this year.  We are so thankful for their hard work for so many years.  They will be definitely missed.

Tyson and Ryan Bacon Honored

sara-kevinIn addition, the Jr. Camp directors Tyson and Ryan Bacon completed their last year at Jr. Camp.  During their years of leadership, they have grown the camp considerably.  They have left the camp in a great place and we are all appreciative of their years of hard work.  It was also announced that Kevin and Sara Rhoton will be replacing them as camp directors. Kevin and Sara have been involved with the Jr. Camp for the last 5 years and will do a great job!


Camp has been a great way for kids (and adults) to meet and connect with other, like-minded individuals, and at Midwest Summer Camp, we want to make sure that doesn’t end just because camp has.  Please visit to see all of the activities that are planned for this year and next.

Monday’s Lunch Awards

Posted: July 11, 2016 by John McCauley in Awards, Jr. Week

Today at lunch, we handed out the highly sought after “Golden Dustpan Award” for the cleanest girls and the cleanest boys cabins.  Today’s winners were Cabin 2 Girls and Cabin 7 Boys.  (Now you know they can do it so it’s fair to expect it at home, right).


In addition, the compadres award campers with their special “Paper Plate Award” when they see a camper showing outstanding attitude and actions.  Here were our lunch award winners.

2015 MSC Jr. Camp – Final Team Standings

Posted: July 9, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Jr. Week

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.05.37 AM1st Place – Hot Pink
Won addition group 1, subtraction group 2, basketball, kickball, volleyball, the sponge relay, had 1 craft winner and came in 2nd in the obstacle course.

2nd Place – Orange
Won the through the legs shuffle, spelling group 1&2, addition group 2, division group 1&2, bible trivia group 1&2, the team broad jump, bombs away, silence of the scriptures, and the boys pillow fight champion

3rd Place – Hunter
Won the sack race, the 3-legged race, multiplication group 2, the boys 50-yard dash, the boys 80-yard dash, and the girls pillow fight runner up.

4th Place – Light Blue
Won addition group 2, subtraction group 1, came in 2nd in soccer, had the boys pillow fight runner up, and the girls pillow fight champion.

5th Place – Lime
Won the obstacle course and 3 craft awards

6th Place – Green
Won the hula hoop relay, soccer, the girls 50-yard dash, the girls 80-yard dash and 2 craft awards

7th Place – Purple
Won the mile relay and 1 craft award

8th Place – Royal Blue
Came in 2nd in Bible trivia

9th Place – Red
Won multiplication group 1 and 4 craft awards

10th Place – Navy
Won 5 craft awards and came in 3rd in the obstacle course

Monday Paper Plate Awards

Posted: July 6, 2015 by John McCauley in Awards, Jr. Week

Every evening at dinner, the compadres present special awards called “Paper Plate Awards”.  They reserve this recognition for when they see special actions that encourage everyone.

Tonight we had three special Paper Plate Awards.

Savannah Harris
Savannah won a special “Girls Rock” paper plate award from camp directors, Tyson and Ryan Bacon for carrying a 5 gallon water chug into the mess hall, filling it with ice and water and carrying it all the way to the kickball field — passing 3 male compadres along the way who failed to help her.

Jada Elkins
Jada won a special paper plate award for good sportsmanship

Royal Blue Team
The whole royal blue team won a special paper plate award for good team spirit.

Congratulations to all!