That’s A Wrap!

Posted: July 6, 2019 by John McCauley in News

MSC Senior Camp 2019 is officially in the books!  It’s difficult to put into words just how special time at camp is – The relationships you build, the edification you receive from spending an entire week around like minded people, the fun you have just being you & the peace that comes from knowing that God has made it all possible.

Until next year, take the strength you have gained this week out into this dark & dying world, be the light, lead someone to Christ, take pride in being different knowing that you were Born for This.


Closing Ceremony.jpg

Final Team Sport’s Standings for the Week:

Hunter – 1st place

Gold – 2nd place

Blue – 3rd place

Orange – 4th place

Mint – 5th Place

Pink – 6th place

Purple – 7th place

Lime – 8th place

Silver – 9th place

Red – 10th place



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