Tuesday Sports Recap

Posted: July 2, 2019 by John McCauley in News

It was a hot one out there today, but your campers remained hydrated and happy as they moved from event to event.  Below are the Scores and Events of the day.

Water Balloon Launch –

Orange – 1st Place, 5050 Points

Pink – 2nd Place, 4,375 Points

Mint Green – 3rd Place, 4,300 Points

Gold – 4th Place, 4,250 Points

Hunter – 5th Place, 4,175 Points

Lime – 6th Place, 4,000 Points

Sliver – 7th Place, 3,975 Points

Blue – 8th Place, 3,925 Points

Red – 9th Place, 3,250 Points

Purple – 10th Place, 3,725 Points


Ultimate Frisbee –

UF 1

Hunter: 10 points vs Purple 7 Points

Gold: 7 points vs Orange 6 points

Blue: 11 points vs Red 4 points

Silver: 6 points vs Pink 5 points

Lime Green 4 points vs Mint Green 7 points

2 day totals for Ultimate Frisbee are as follows:

Blue: 18

Gold: 15

Mint Green: 14

Hunter: 20

Lime: 10

Orange: 18

Pink: 13

Purple: 10

Red: 10

Silver: 14



2 Day Volleyball Rankings are as follows:

Hunter: 1st

Lime & Gold: Tied for 2nd

Orange: 4th

Red: 5th

Blue: 6th

Mint Green: 7th

Purple: 8th

Pink: 9th

Silver: 10th




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