Staff Talent(less) show

Posted: July 2, 2019 by John McCauley in News

So, you guys…I’m not even sure why some of our staff have day jobs.  The talent on display last night was epic and many in our group could probably make a living as a carnival worker or subway singer.

The Compadres performed a Movie theatre Date Skit

Nick Paden dazzled us with not only a solid Proud Mary Lip Sync, but also those pants…Wow

NICK P.jpg

Corey Willis, Todd Walker and the Weemo-Wacks band did a stirring rendition of “In the Jungle”

Rhonda Hawk, Shelly Elkins, Jessica Wildman, Ryan Bacon & Jen Rademacher wowed the crowd with their rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.  Levi Hawk provided backing Rap vocals.

Corey Willis & Todd Walker educated the camp on the proper pronunciation of their cabin mate, Fried Rademacher…”FREED” …NOT FRIED.

Levi Hawk performed a juggling act with the help of Jonah Bronger.

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