Monday Sports Recap

Posted: July 2, 2019 by John McCauley in News

Day one of MSC Sports is in the books – your campers will definitely sleep well tonight and from all of the smiles we’ve seen today, they probably have a couple of new friends as well!

Below are the sports results from Day 1:

Knock Out:

Team Blue: 43 Points

Team Gold: 43 Points

Team Mint Green: 47 Points

Team Hunter: 43 Points

Team Lime: 72 Points

Team Orange: 53

Team Pink: 46 Points

Team Purple: 50 Points

Team Red: 60 Points

Team Silver: 70 Points


Ultimate Frisbee:

Team Blue: 7

Team Gold: 8

Team Mint Green: 7

Team Hunter: 10

Team Lime: 6

Team Orange: 12

Team Pink: 8

Team Purple: 3

Team Red: 6

Team Silver: 8



vball 14

vball 12

Purple (1)  vs Mint (2)

Orange (1) vs Hunter (2)

Gold (2) vs Red (1)

Lime (2) vs Silver (1)

Blue (2) vs Pink (1)

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