MSC 2018 is officially under way!!!

Posted: July 2, 2018 by John McCauley in News

MSC 2018 is officially under way!  Aside from a few campers having cell phone anxiety as they placed their electronic devices in our cell jail for the week, registration went smoothly thanks to the help of our fearless compadres, nursing, security & media staff.


Our theme for this week is “The greatest of these is Love”, I Cor 13:13.   Your 2018 staff members are prepared to demonstrate the kind of Godly love demonstrated throughout the Bible this week and hope that your campers will see this and work to demonstrate it in their own lives!


Leading the charge this week are your Team Captains:

Team Red: David & Katie Mathis

Team Orange: Brad & Rhonda Hawk

Team Lime: Nick & Laura Hall

Team Green: Craig & Ronna Howell

Team Hunter: David & Jessica McGaughey

Team Blue: Steve & Shelly Elkins

Team Pink: Todd & Tammy Walker

Team Purple: Ethan & Jessica Wildman

Team Gold: Corey & Megan Willis

Team Silver: Ty & Ryan Bacon


  1. Janet says:

    Have a great week, campers!

  2. Mom- Jojo Hendricks says:

    Have a great week campers!

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