MSC Junior Week 2017 Final Team Standings

Posted: July 13, 2017 by John McCauley in Awards, Jr. Week, News

Drew Maudlin provided the team standings:

10th place – Purple led by John and Sonya McCauley

9th place – Lime led by Jason and Amy Dukes

8th place – Yellow led by Mark and Sarah Bemis

7th place – Royal Blue led by Jay and Julie Buck

6th place – Navy led by Richard and Brooke Thomas

5th place – Red led by Phil and Jill Martin

4th place – Orange led by Fried and Jennifer Radamacher

3rd place – Hunter led by Calvin and Carissa Young

2nd place – Hot Pink led by Danny and Carrie Elkins

1st place………..drum roll please……..GREEN TEAM!!!!!  Congrats to Team Captains Brian and Carrie Ayres and the Green Team!

Special thank you to Phil and Jill Martin for stepping up and filling the role of Red Team Captains at the last minute.  We greatly appreciate your hard work and sacrifice.

More photos and video will follow from Junior Week.  Stay tuned to the blog and the MSC YouTube channel for more great coverage.

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