Team Day Activity Stations

Posted: July 7, 2017 by John McCauley in Sports, Sr. Week

Following this morning’s Bible class, Team Day kicked off with activity station events each team rotated through. The activities were:

Hula Hoop Relay — the team stood in a circle with their arms linked.  Each camper had to pass through the hula hoop without unlinking arms.


Frisbee Bridge — the team had to cross a marked off area using only a bridge made of Frisbees thrown by each camper.


Giant Jenga — the team played a large version of the classic table top game

Kickball — each team played kickball with an opposing team using a GIANT kickball

Find Your Shoe Relay — the team members put one shoe in a circle and in a relay style, each camper went one-by-one to go find their shoe

Whiffle Hockey — teams paired up to play this brand new game where 6 one-point whiffle balls, one 2-point red whiffle ball, and one 3-point blue whiffle ball were placed on the field’s center line and players used hockey sticks made from PVC pipe and pool noodles to attempt to make a goal

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