Posted: July 7, 2017 by John McCauley in Sr. Week

Today was everyone’s favorite day of camp: TEAM DAY!!!  All the campers were decked out in their team color, complete with face paint, and colored hair.  After this afternoon’s MSC pep rally immediately following lunch, all teams competed in a tug of war tournament prior to running the infamous obstacle course.

And your 2017 Sr. Week teams are:

Blue Team led by Dave & Jessica McGaughey


Gold Team led by Ethan & Jessica Wildman


Green Team led by Corey & Meagan Willis


Hunter Team led by Ty & Ryan Bacon


Lime Team led by Lee & Leslie McGaughey


Orange Team led by Brad & Rhonda Hawk


Pink Team led by Todd & Tammy Walker


Purple Team led by Steve & Shelley Elkins


Red Team led by David & Katie Mathis


Silver Team led by Craig & Ronna Howell

  1. Andra Guyer says:

    Where is team oranges picture?

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