Sr. Week Obstacle Course

Posted: July 7, 2017 by John McCauley in Sports, Sr. Week

The highlight of Sr. Week finally arrived this afternoon and closed out the week of competition:  the OBSTACLE COURSE.  Sports Director Sean Walker and his staff put together another FANTASTIC obstacle course this year.  For the second consecutive year, it was a shotgun start, so teams ran to start the course at a predetermined station, and from there chose as a team which of the other 14 stations to go to next.

Obstacle Course 2017



1. Circle of Trust


2. Gutter Golf


3. Washing Machine


4. X Marks the Spot


5. Anchor Relay


6. Tarp Pool


7. Escape Room


9. Toilet Paper Roll


10. Towel ThrowUp


11. Water Overpass


12. Envelope Please


13. Board Walk


14. Team Stretch


15. Sit a Spell

  1. DeeDee Draffen says:

    Looks like fun. Where’s the mud?

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