Tuesday Morning Flagpole — “More Than Conquerors: Called”

Posted: July 4, 2017 by John McCauley in Bible Study, Sr. Week

Security Director Rick Knight introduced our daily theme, “More Than Conquerors: Called,” during this morning’s flagpole devotion. We learn in Romans 8:26-30 that all things work together for those who love the Lord. In the beginning, God knew His people and He has given us the gospel call — to be conformed to Christ.  God established His plan of salvation, for us to come to Christ.  We receive grace and mercy through Christ’s blood, and as we see in Matthew 7, there are two final destinations: eternal life, or eternal destruction.

We learn that there is glory in the Lord in I Corinthians 1:26-31.  We should live our lives as we are called (I Corinthians 7:17-24).

As we celebrate Independence Day in our great country today, we should be thankful for those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom, but more importantly, we should be thankful for the spiritual freedom we receive through Christ’s great sacrifice.

In conclusion, Rick asked three questions:

Who called us?  God

How are we called?  Through Christ

What are we called to do?  Spread the gospel

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