Thanks for 25 Years of GREAT Food, Ms. Belinda!!!

Posted: July 4, 2017 by John McCauley in Food, Sr. Week

Todd & Susan Hall may be Sr. Week Camp Directors, but when it comes to keeping the campers going each and every day, the true backbone of Sr. Week is Kitchen Director Belinda Loughmiller!  We’d like to thank Belinda for all her hard work and dedication to MSC and would like your help in celebrating her 25th year at MSC this year.

We’d love to flood Ms. Belinda with a ton of well-deserved love and appreciation from campers past and present, staff, parents, etc.  Please leave a comment congratulating Belinda, share your favorite memory of Belinda and her wonderful cooking at MSC, or share your favorite meal Belinda has blessed us with throughout the years.


2017 Sr. Week Kitchen Staff (Back Row: Bruce Carpenter, AJ Thomas, Ryan Provines, Tres Barker, Shelley Smith) (Front Row: Shawna Evans, Julie Gregory, Belinda Loughmiller, Niki Craig, Beth Hall)

  1. Diane McGaughey says:

    Congratulations, Ms. Belinda for filling such a big role in making MSC such a great camp for all these years and for getting those campers to sing for their suppers. Thank you.

  2. DeeDee Draffen says:

    Thank you Belinda for all the wonderful food you have provided for the campers thru the years. I loved the time I got to help in the kitchen too. Camp provides a wonderful experience for so many yong people. I know first hand how much work goes into that week but it was always something that we counted down in anticipation. Mike along with many others used his vacation days just to have this opportunity to work with the young people. I know Todd and Susan appreciate making life so much easier for them.

  3. Kim Roper says:

    My daughter has always said that Belinda cooks the best food in the world!

  4. Mark Newton says:

    Belinda provides home cooked food for 260 people all week at camp. What she does is amazing.

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