Obstacle Course 2016

Posted: July 8, 2016 by John McCauley in Sports, Sr. Week

The sports staff and compadres outdid themselves on designing and executing the MSC Obstacle Course 2016, adding an exciting new twist to this year’s event. Instead of each team running the course one-at-a-time, the obstacle course was a shotgun start with everyone beginning simultaneously with the blow of the whistle. The race was not timed this year, but rather ranked on your actual placement of finishing. There were 13 stations (as you’ll see via photos and video below), and some stations would incur penalties if a team did not complete the station successfully, being held at that station before moving to the next station after the pre-determined penalty time. Team captains were not allowed to run along with their teams, so the team had to work together to determine which station to run to next. At each station, once complete, the person running the station would sign the back of the team’s course map to prove the team had completed that station. Once all stations were complete, the team ran toward the mess hall, all team members were to stand within a small painted square, and their signed course map would be confirmed.


On your marks, get set, GO!!!


#1 – Team Stretch


#2 – Corn Hole


#3 – Hula Hoop Relay


#4 – Team Captain Trivia


#5 – Dizzy Camper


#6 – Hole-in-One


#7 – Water Balloon Fill


#8 – Shoot the Cups


#9 – Board Walk



#10 – Wheel Barrow



#11 – Leap Frog


#12 – Home Run Derby


#13 – Food Station


And the winner is…


And the results are…

  1. Blue
  2. Lime
  3. Green
  4. Red
  5. Orange
  6. Gold
  7. Hunter
  8. Purple
  9. Silver
  10. Navy

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