Lip Sync 2016

Posted: July 7, 2016 by John McCauley in Lip Sync, Sr. Week

The theme for this year’s Lip Sync competition, coordinated by Rita Newton & Allison Hein, was parodies by the Polka King himself, Weird Al Yankovic. Each team had a couple specific rules for the performance, such as: one team member must wear a Weird Al wig and play an accordion at some point during the performance (these items must be homemade, not purchased), and teams could not ask the kitchen staff for prop materials.

It was another highly entertaining and light-hearted evening of entertainment. And the rankings are:

1. Hunter Team -- "The Saga Begins"

1. Hunter — “The Saga Begins”


2. Navy Team -- "Hardware Store"

2. Navy — “Hardware Store”


3. Gold - "Eat It"

3. Gold – “Eat It”


4. Red - "Girls Just Wanna Eat Lunch"

4. Red – “Girls Just Wanna Eat Lunch”



5. Orange – “Addicted to Spuds”


6. Purple - "First World Problems"

6. Purple – “First World Problems”



7. Blue – “Cable TV”



8. Silver – “Spam”


9. Lime - "Foil"

9. Lime – “Foil”


10. Green - "eBay"

10. Green – “eBay”

  1. Melody Biddle says:

    Woo hoo way to go Team Hunter!!!!

  2. Crystal Dickey says:

    Yay team Hunter! Wyatt’s glasses are not on his face…uh oh!😃

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