MSC SportsCenter: Day 3

Posted: July 6, 2016 by John McCauley in Sports, Sr. Week

Despite storms this morning which sidelined Disc Golf,  this afternoon’s activities went off without a hitch as the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  The clouds parted, the sun emerged, and the sky was a beautiful blue as campers rotated between Ultimate Frisbee, canoe practice, and volleyball (which replaced Human Battleship due to technical difficulties), in addition to team craft time and Lip Sync practice.


Here are the volleyball scores:

Green (42) vs. Blue (42)

Lime (42) vs. Navy (40)

Red (42) vs. Gold (34)

Orange (34) vs. Silver (32)

Purple (25) vs. Hunter (23)


Here are the Ultimate Frisbee scores:

Gold (16) vs. Navy (1)

Blue (13) vs. Silver (3)

Orange (11) vs. Hunter (4)

Lime (9) vs. Red (5)

Purple (7) vs. Green (6)


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