MSC SportsCenter: Day 2

Posted: July 5, 2016 by John McCauley in Sports, Sr. Week

It’s been another busy day of sports here at MSC. Following the Water Balloon Launch this morning, this afternoon included the conclusion of volleyball matches, exciting and intense games of Ultimate Frisbee, and the first day of canoe practice in anticipation of canoe heats later in the week.


Here are the volleyball scores:

Orange (49) vs. Blue (42)

Silver (47) vs. Purple (43)

Lime (47) vs. Green (40)

Hunter (46) vs. Gold (42)

Navy (44) vs. Red (41)


Here are the Ultimate Frisbee scores:

Blue (12) vs. Hunter (6)

Gold (12) vs. Silver (5)

Red (9) vs. Green (2)

Orange (7) vs. Lime (6)

Purple (6) vs. Navy (4)


Here’s our highlight reel from today’s sports:

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