Obstacle Course 2015

Posted: July 3, 2015 by John McCauley in Sports, Sr. Week

Sports director Greg King and sports staffer Sean Walker crafted another fantastic obstacle course this year.  The teams ran the 13-station course, striving to complete faster than all the other teams.  Here’s the obstacle course:


1.  Dark Trailer — campers were shut into a cargo trailer, had to find a flashlight, insert the battery, find a paper and read Ephesians 6:10,11, then recite three of the six pieces of the gospel armor


2.  Team Stretch — campers had to lay shoulder-to-shoulder through the mud — if they scooped up a tadpole from the water and deposited into a bucket, they got a time deduction for each tadpole collected

3.  Team Weave — team had to hold hands and run in a single file (while holding hands) from the mess hall to the upper sports field, through a maze of trees, to the next station

4.  Dizzy Camper — each camper had to hold onto a bat on the ground, put their forehead on the end of the bat and spin around three times, then run across the line

5.  Hole-In-One — the team had to throw 21 Frisbees, one at a time, and at least 7 had to go into the disc golf hole

6.  Belly Crawl — each team member had to crawl through the muddy volleyball court under the Air Raid tarp

7.  Board Walk — four team members at a time had to coordinate to walk from a starting line to finish line by simultaneously lifting the board with ropes to walk


8.  Wheel Barrow — team members paired up to run the wheel barrow race


9.  Leap Frog — team lined up and starting from the back of the line, each member leap frogged over the line of team members


10.  Home Run — entire team had to run the softball bases in a single-file line

11.  Hula Hoop Shuffle — team had to sit in a designated area and transfer the hula hoop from the front to the back


12.  Team Photo — each team member had to stand within a small designated circle and get a team photo


13.  Swallow Quick or Puke — each team member had to eat a mystery food and swallow. When everyone was finished with their “meal,” the must had to gather together and say “MSC Be Strong” with a muscle pose


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