Tuesday’s Theme — “Be Strong: Influence”

Posted: June 30, 2015 by John McCauley in Bible Study, Sr. Week

As we focus on the theme of “Be Strong” all week, today’s specific theme is to “Be Strong in Influence.”  Silver team captain Eric Mizell led our thoughts at the flag pole this morning introducing this theme:

We have an influence on all those around us.  This should cause us to think of how we treat others.  If we are grumpy and grouchy, it will have a negative influence on us.  Therefore, we should:


Be kind

Do good to all

Love your enemies

We can sum up the focus of the day with just two words:  NICE MATTERS!

  1. Nobody wants to be around someone who is negative and grumpy all the time it also brings them down! I love this😆 very well said!

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