Goodnight from MSC Sr. Week, Day 5

Posted: July 5, 2014 by John McCauley in Sr. Week

Today is the day we here at MSC have been waiting for all week:  TEAM DAY!!!!!  As usual, there was a whole lot of teamwork, a lot of camaraderie, lots of cheering, lots of screaming, lots of face paint, and lots of colored hairspray. Following breakfast, we had a Bible study with J.R. Bronger, then all the teams participated in the activity stations. After lunch, the Mess Hall became a HUGE MSC pep rally in preparation for the obstacle course that was soon to begin.

Following what many campers described as the best obstacle course ever, it was time for the lip synch contest, and then finally a late dinner. Once dinner was complete, everyone headed to the amphitheater to hear the Last Year Campers reminisce about their great experiences throughout their years at MSC as they sat around a bonfire. Following the bonfire, Navy Team Captain Todd Walker presented “The Star Speech” first delivered by longtime MSC director, his uncle, Steve Niemeier.

During breakfast today, a Paper Plate Award was handed out to Luke Capps for the “Best Save at Canoeing” during heats yesterday. Following lip synch tonight, it was announced that the Gold team had won the Sportsmanship Award for both Thursday and Friday. Congratulations, Gold!

Well, the campers have all gone to bed on this last night of Sr. Week. Another MSC Sr. Week is about to be written in the history books. As we are about to retire for the night to rest up for campground cleanup and closing ceremonies, we wish you a peaceful and restful goodnight from Shakamak State Park on Friday, July 4. Here’s hoping you all had a fantastic Independence Day like we did here at MSC.

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