Posted: July 5, 2013 by John McCauley in Crafts, Sr. Week

This year, Craft Lady Julie Essary and helpers Vinny Price and Melodie Dorn orchestrated some exciting crafts for all the campers. First of all, the team craft was to design a miniature golf course hole which was used during free time on Thursday morning. Each team was given the following supplies to complete this task: cardboard, two rolls of duct tape, 4 swimming pool noodles, 1 can of spray paint (their team color), and two bricks. The teams were EXTREMELY creative and the team crafts placed in the following order:

1. Orange

2. Blue

3. Lime

4. Hunter

5. Green

6. Silver

7. Purple

8. Red

9. Navy

10. Gold

This year’s individual craft was an 8×10 puzzle which each camper was instructed to paint. MSC has some seriously creative campers and the individual team craft standings are:

1. Orange

2. Hunter

3. Purple

4. Silver

5. Navy

6. Red

7. Gold

8. Blue

9. Lime

10. Green

MEN_6285 MEN_6287 IMG_0553 IMG_0558

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