Wednesday’s “Golden Dust Pan” Awards

Posted: July 3, 2013 by John McCauley in Uncategorized

The cabins have been cleaned, the cabins have been judged, and the scores have been tallied for the “highly” sought-after “Golden Dust Pan” awards. And the winners are…INSERT DRUM ROLL HERE…Cabin 3 girls and Cabin 4 boys. These two cabins will have the great pleasure of hanging the award in their cabin for the next 24 hours!

And every time there is a winner, unfortunately there must be a loser.  The two losing cabins of the day are Cabin 1 girls and Cabin 8 boys. These campers will have the lovely “privilege” of post-dinner mess hall duty this evening, which also includes cleaning the mess hall restrooms.  😦  It likely won’t take them long to learn the advantage of cleaning their cabins!

  1. Laura Honey says:

    Thanks for teaching my daughter Victoria the way to clean in cabin 1 🙂 lol it helps a lot! Haha can’t wait til she’s home, but I know she’s having a blast 😉

  2. Jeff McClane says:

    Yikes! My Brittany (in cabin 1) was the losing cabin this time. Well…maybe you can instill a desire to keep her room clean at home without being reminded. 🙂

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