“Golden Dust Pan” Awards Go To…

Posted: July 2, 2013 by John McCauley in Sr. Week

To help encourage cleanliness within the cabins, each morning after breakfast, the campers return to their cabins for nearly 30 minutes of cabin cleanup time. Each cabin is inspected for its cleanliness and the cleanest girls cabin and the cleanest boys cabin is awarded the ceremonial “Golden Dust Pan” award allowing the cabin-mates to hang the trophy in their “immaculate” cabin until the next day’s competition. To add an interesting twist to this year’s competition, directors Todd & Susan Hall announced that the losing (dirtiest) girls and boys cabins will be punished by cleaning up the mess hall following dinner that night, as well as cleaning the mess hall restrooms.

And the winners are: Cabin 3 girls and Cabin 4 boys!!!!!

And the losers are: Cabin 10 boys and Cabin 11 girls (both last year camper cabins)

With the Tuesday night Bible study scheduled to be held in the mess hall, the Cabin 10 and 11 campers were forced to perform “mess hall duty” following dinner, break down all the mess hall tables, and arrange the chairs in an auditorium style in preparation for worship. Following Bible study, these same campers had to reset the mess hall in the proper configuration for tomorrow morning’s breakfast.

NOTE: Parents, you can thank us in the comments for us teaching your child the importance of keeping a clean cabin and a clean room once they return home from camp!  😉

  1. Kim Roper says:

    Love the new twist this year with the dirtiest cabins! Makes it more interesting.

  2. DeeDee Draffen says:

    Way to be Todd and Suz.

  3. Tres Barker says:

    PLEASE let this carry over to home. Had to go to Liv’s room last night… Lets just say…. NOT surprised her cabin lost!!!

  4. Tres Barker says:

    PLEASE let this carry over to home. I had to go to Liv’s room last night…. Lets just say…. I’m not surprised her cabin lost!!!!

  5. Danielle Monday says:

    Thank you guys I dropped off three kids so I don’t remember which cabin my daughter Abby Monday is in but I hope she was in the cleanest because she has had tons of practice at home!

  6. Emily Shaffer says:

    Last years are proficient at keeping a messy cabin.

  7. Jeff McClane says:

    Love it! Much appreciated for this. My Brittany just completed her week of National Guard “Kids Annual Training” at Camp Atterbury so she’s used to this. Her cabin didn’t win, but they didn’t lose either. 🙂

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